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Seamoss Head Sea Moss, Gluten Free Never Tasted this Good

Sea moss (as known as Chondrus Crispus, and nicknamed Irish moss), is consumed in the form of a powder, capsule or gel, and is said to have nutrients that can boost your immune system, aid in weight loss, reduce inflammation, support thyroid function, regulate gut health, help build muscle and collagen, and even improve heart health. Sea moss products and supplements can be purchased in a variety of forms including capsules, gummies, gels, liquids, powders, topical products like creams and lotions, and more. A decade ago, the plant was unknown to consumers. Today, its popularity is immense in the health community, with the products flying off the shelves.

The current sea moss company with the high rated quality product, taste, and customer service is the well-known business and brand Seamoss Head, founded by entrepreneur and social media influencer Tinya Lewis. Her contribution to the plant has been enormous, with flocks of people crediting and thanking her for the positive life-changing health results they have received from using Seamoss Head sea moss products.

One customer review by “David P” says, “Thanks to her Instagram account, I discovered sea moss. Thanks to Tinya Lewis’s sea moss, I can enjoy taking a walk around my neighborhood without my legs cramping.” Another customer review by “Tina H” says, “Tinya is the best! I’ve emailed back and forth with her on questions about her products many times. She has a ton of patience, and always response with an answer. I’ll be a customer for life!”

Seamoss Head is a Phoenix, Arizona based company that ships to homes and businesses nationally and also offer local pickup and delivery options. You can follow Seamoss Head on social media and visit their website to subscribe to her newsletter at


Nature's best kept secret!
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