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Introducing Tinya Lewis, Founder of Seamoss Head, Nature’s Best Kept Secret

An article featuring Seamoss Head on Vent's Magazine.

A portrait of Seamoss Head founder Tinya Lewis

Tinya Lewis, a Compton, CA native found herself needing a healthy lifestyle after discovering she was ill. Tinya discovered from a routine doctor’s visit that she suffered from genetic predispositions including diabetes, neuropathy, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Being told that she would be on medication for the rest of her life, she began her holistic research. The quest to heal put her on a purpose-driven mission. She spent significant time doing extensive detoxes, fasts, and fact-finding.

After discovering the many benefits of sea moss she began to utilize it for herself. She realized that after implementing the sea moss into her lifestyle that her illness began to subside. As a result, she was able to eliminate the medication. This is the moment she knew she had to share her lived experience with other people and Sea Moss Head was created. As great as the benefits were, she couldn’t get people to see past the salty, oceanic smell and taste. She realized that in order to attract the masses she had to create a Sea moss gel that was pleasant to the taste buds. She began the Seamoss Head exotic flavor line which removed the “bad taste” stigma. Utilizing her skills as a well-seasoned creator of sea moss gel she developed a flavorful sea moss that tantalizes the palate. Her overall mission was to get this product into the hands of her community and change their perspective from everything healthy is “nasty” to being healthy is “fun and tasty”. She is driven by her passion for health and wellness and takes pride in providing 100% wild-crafted, organic sea moss in its freshest and tastiest form possible.

As a sea-mossologist, her goals include planting seeds in the community by increasing health awareness, educating the minds, and removing the health food stigma. It’s been three years since SeaMoss head was founded. Tinya has created a dedicated role in the community as a health and wellness concierge, she has been recognized for her extraordinary commitment to serving the underprivileged with hot meals, prayer, and sea moss as nutrition. In addition, she established herself as a respected wellness coach and a kind proverbs woman. Her passion for sea moss has landed her countless speaking engagements around the city and on social media.

Tinya has always been an environmentalist and cared about the earth, global warming, and how we use energy. She understands that energy is never destroyed, but that it changes forms. She views sea moss as God’s way of providing nature in its simplistic and holistic form.

She is passionate about growing her business to the fullest extent. She dreams of providing a positive economic impact, by creating jobs in the community. Her main focus is on the under-served and disadvantaged.

As a pioneer and the queen in the $72 billion-dollar agricultural space, Tinya is the proud owner/CEO at Seamoss Head, LLC. Throughout Tinya’s career, she has gained unparalleled love and an abundance of experience where she realized her true passion is helping others and her gift is servitude. For as long as Tinya could remember, she has always resonated with helping others.

Tinya is setting a bar and a new standard for youth, babies, adults, seniors, and even pregnant women for how to be healthy, by utilizing sea moss to replace lost minerals and regulating the bodily functions to optimism. Her commitment to health is changing the way we the people implement homeopathic reparations. As CEO at Seamoss Head LLC, she doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks it. She’s her biggest supporter and customer. She knows firsthand the healing aspects, wonders, and miracles sea moss provides through her lived experience. She’s a down-to-earth, caring, and reachable individual. Tinya loves, loves, loves helping people realize their current journey to health and spends a lot of time helping people reach their health goals.

Tinya’s future goals are to provide you health and wellness at your fingertips and establish a reputation as a change-maker in her community.

Check out her website at or say hi on social media.

Nature's best kept secret!
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