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Seamoss Head’s Founder Tinya Lewis says “Sea Moss Keeps Me Young”

Tinya Lewis is a Compton, California born and raised renown influencer and entrepreneur. Her company and brand Seamoss Head is a Phoenix, AZ based company that ships the highest quality sea moss everywhere in the US, and also offers local delivery, and pick up options. What many don’t know is that the sea moss that she stocks is not only the company product that has brought her success, but also the plant that saved her life.

Although she never had any medical issues as a child, as an adult, Tinya Lewis had developed medical conditions that began to affect her health such as diabetes, neuropathy, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. After years of attempting to diets, workouts, other methods recommended to her, and info found online, nothing helped. Eventually she tried sea moss, and it changed her life. Today she is medical condition free and takes no medications. “A regular diet, and a daily dose of sea moss keeps me strong,” she says.

On December 23rd of 2019, Seamoss Head was born. Tinya began to attack the plan she created when her mission had become clear. Lewis says, “I’m here to spread the word about the health benefits of sea moss, and to bring awareness to every community. Once people understand the medical benefits of this powerful plant, everyone is going to add it to their diet. At my age, I feel more energy now than I ever have. My sea moss keeps me young.”

Today, she proudly shows off the before-and-after photos and videos that she’s received from happy customers.

Tinya Lewis posts daily on social media and emails her newsletter subscribers coupons regularly. So if you haven’t already, visit her official website at to sign up to receive updates, and follow us on social media.


Nature's best kept secret!
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