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Seamoss Head’s Tinya Lewis, “Success Comes from Hard Work and a Great Product”

The Nationally known and trusted Phoenix, Arizona based sea moss company Seamoss Head is on a mission to make the world a better and healthier place. Tinya Lewis the CEO and Founder of the business has spent the last five years making this happen. The Compton, CA born and raised owner has gained a loyal client base by a combination of skillful marketing, powerful social media posts, persistence, spreading love, having good quality products, and the delicious flavor options she has masterfully and skillfully created.

Tinya Lewis comes from humble beginnings. But the desire and fire for success has always been her inner drive. After many years, jobs, life experiences, ideas, and adventures later… Tinya found sea moss, and sea moss became her life. In December of 2019, Seamoss Head was born, and the word quickly began to spread. “The hardest part of growing this business has been bringing awareness to the world. Once the health benefits of sea moss are known, it’ll quickly become a must-have in every household. Unfortunately, not all sea moss is the same, and there are lots of companies out there that have and sell inferior quality versions of the plant. Seamoss Head sea moss only sells the highest quality sea moss, As soon as anyone tries our product… they’re hooked, and they become loyal lifetime clients. Our success comes from hard work and a great product. I would love for everyone to try my product at least once. That’s all it takes!” says Tinya.

Seamoss Head is a Phoenix, Arizona based company that ships to anywhere in the North America. Tinya Lewis posts regularly on social media and emails her newsletter subscribers coupons regularly. Check out her website at and on social media.


Nature's best kept secret!
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