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Tinya Lewis, the Seamoss Head Mermaid that Brings Us Nutrition from the Ocean

Are you looking for a wellness and superfood that aligns with your individual health needs. Something that taste great, is not expensive, has numerous health benefits, and comes in a variety of forms ready for consumption?

If so, Tinya Lewis founder of the Phoenix, Arizona based sea moss company, Seamoss Head will soon become your new best friend. Seamoss Head is constantly creating new products that keep their customers healthy and happy throughout the US. One look at their online shop, and you’ll see why their products are rated the top sea moss food in the country. Their collection of superfoods is extraordinary, and their blog is an amazing place to visit for sea moss related news and information.

For example, did you know that sea moss Infused Skincare Products offer an array of topical benefits for the skin, such as hydration and improved texture? That it’s made from cultivated sea moss, scientifically processed for skincare, and then extracted and incorporated into creams, serums, and masks? Are you aware that sea moss powder has many health benefits. That it is typically sourced from wildcrafted sea moss, sun-dried and finely ground. And that it is versatile for cooking, retains nutrients, and has a long shelf life? Information like this, and more can be found at

Tinya Lewis is not only the owner of Seamoss Head, but also an entrepreneur and a social media influencer. She is known as sea-missiologist. A sea moss mermaid placed on earth to spread the word to all creatures on land about the health benefits of the best superfood in the sea, sea moss.

You can visit Seamoss Head’s official website to subscribe to her newsletter for tips, discounts, updates on the latest products, and other information. Don’t forget to check Tinya Lewis out on social media.


Nature's best kept secret!
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